Stories of WYWM - 6 Months Ago by Alessandra Byers

Mel O'Sullivan - February 7, 2022

6 months ago I was a Military Wife, Mother, Homemaker. Even the unpredictability of those titles were somehow predictable.  

I felt like I was latent and needed to harness my abilities into creating something amazing. Something outside of being a military spouse where duty comes first. Something outside of being a mother and wife where my children and my Husband come first. Something outside of being the home-maker where you prioritise other people and things before yourself. I needed to create something just for me.  

I knew my worth, my drive, my loyalty, trustworthiness, my dynamism.  

So I went outside of my comfort zone, I got creative and I explored – all in order to achieve.  

Today, 6 months on, I am a Veteran Wife, Mother and Homemaker. But I am also an Entrepreneur, Cyber Security Analyst, and a truly valuable asset to a cause and company. I did not foresee what I have accomplished in the last 6months, the business I created, the new career I have or the transition out of military life. I cannot foresee what I will accomplish in the next 6months time.  But I know that I will fail….and that I will succeed. I am doing this for me.  

I write this on Day 1 at WYWM. Bring on the next 6 months. And 6 months after that. And 6 months after that…… 

But know, I am still a proud Veteran Wife, Mother and Homemaker. I’ve just added a few other titles that harness my potential and will help me thrive.  





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