Stories of WYWM - The Origin Story by Dan Lafleur

Mel O'Sullivan - March 24, 2022

We all have an origin story. Where we came from and what we were doing before we were here. It’s the back story to how we became who we are and the path that led us to where we are now. Many came from a military background. 

Each of us has a back story. What was it that attracted our attention or just made us trip over this WYWM company? My tripping point was about a year ago. 

To describe my military experience is to truly go back before the turn of the century. I was born into a military family, first served as reservist at 17 and made it a fulltime commitment at 19. It was like a duck taking to water. My first oath of allegiance was in 1975 and the last day of service was in 1993. It has been nearly three decades of searching civilian life for my tribe since then. 

I found my tribe. What a quirky bunch of individuals that all pull in the same direction for a common cause. This WYWM company has a mission that resonates with me. We have all been in a place where the path forward is confused and not many outside of military life understand our ability to learn difficult skills, perform under stress and adapt to changing situations. WYWM promotes the ability to learn and excel in new skills over hiring based on previous experience and education. 

This new adventure began about a year ago as I was engaging with people on LinkedIn that had something to do with WYWM. I didn’t understand it at first but found the topics and conversation interesting. I liked, commented on, shared posts and invited connections over the first few months. These people were veterans and had things to say. Sometimes just friendly chatter, thoughtful comments and insight that caught my attention. Thank you for all who accepted my connection requests and engaged in conversation. That helped me a lot at a time when I was seeking a foothold in what to do next. 

I’m here now as a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Instructor with WYWM. 


This isn’t the end of my story-telling. I will explore past and present thoughts with some speculation on the future. The power of social media is one of those thoughts that I’ll touch on. LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms that either pushed or pulled me along this new path. I can talk about how it led to new and renewed friendships, multiple offers for work and… OK, I need to save something for next time. 


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