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Blake Smedley - February 15, 2022

Welcome to the world of Cloud

Our Cloud Bootcamps will show you the fundamentals of working with various software in the cloud. The focus is on practical lessons and walkthroughs along with providing pro-tips and industry insights.

Ensure you view the Bootcamp prerequisites (below) prior to registering

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Fast-paced, super-interactive and flexible sessions targetted at smashing through some of the core topics encountered in the world of Cloud.

Jump in, bring questions, and get hands on

AZ900 Bootcamps
DP900 Bootcamps

WYWM Cloud Bootcamps prerequisites and recommended reading:

All Bootcamps:

  1. WYWM Networking Fundamentals and Linux Fundamentals courses or have an equivalent/basic understanding of Operating Systems
  2. Azure Fundamentals part 1: Describe core Azure concepts or have equivalent knowledge of Microsoft Azure concepts

WYWM Azure Cloud Fundamentals (AZ900) Bootcamp:

WYWM Azure Data Fundamentals (DP900) Bootcamp

What are Bootcamps? 

A WYWM Bootcamp is designed to accelerate your learning and progress through our signature courses by using live, instructor-led sessions over the course of just one week.  

How do I join? 

It is all online so you can join us on Zoom!
Just choose which session you're interested in, sign up and receive the Zoom link and invite right away

Student expectations

We take great pride in our Bootcamps, most of all in ensuring you can get the most out of them.

To accomplish this, we require you to adhere to our student expectations:

  • Turn up on time ⌚️
  • Turn your camera ON 📷
  • Attend all sessions👨‍🎓
  • Participate actively in discussions 🙋 
  • Be able to screen share 🖥
  • Do assigned tasks 📖

Course Outlines

WYWM Azure Cloud Fundamentals (AZ900) Bootcamp

This Bootcamp is designed to kick-start your journey into cloud computing through Microsoft's Azure Cloud offering. We'll cover the Microsoft Fundamentals material using Microsoft Learn and help prepare you to sit the AZ900 Exam. 

SessionContent Covered
Brief introductions
Going over the plan for the Bootcamp and briefly outlining our different modules.
Cover resources for your self study Fundamental Cloud concepts and Vocabulary.
Dive into some of the core Azure Solutions and Management Tools available.
This will have a focus on the concepts required to pass the exam.
For example:
- Internet of Things Hub, IoT Central
- Azure Synapse Analytics, HDInsight
- Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services
- Serverless computing
- Microsoft Learn's domains 5 & 6
- Identity and Governance
- Cost management & Service Level Agreement

WYWM Azure Data Fundamentals (DP900) Bootcamp

This Bootcamp will rapidly accelerate you through learning and preparing for Microsoft's DP900 Azure Data Fundamentals course; all while providing additional insights and practical walkthroughs from our industry-experienced instructors. 

SessionContent Covered
Explore core data concepts.
Download a vocabulary list and practise exercises
Working with relational data sources on Azure.
Pre-day prep: Watch a relational lab exercise video
Working with relational data sources on Azure
Pre-day prep: Watch a non-relational lab exercise video
Explore an analytics workload on Azure

Contact Information 

If you have any questions about these Bootcamps, or the Cloud courses more broadly, don’t hesitate to contact your instructor Brett

Email: Brett.Long@withyouwithme.com

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