AZ-900 bootcamp: Day 3 pre-study

Tango Brett - November 20, 2021
Get prepared for day 3 of the WYWM AZ-900 bootcamp

The aim of this article is to preview some terms and services in azure prior to the actual bootcamp, in order to learn and retain more from this days bootcamp.

We are using the learning concept of spaced repetition.

Explain the following points to a complete stranger on the internet

  • What is the second tier of Blooms Taxonomy
  • Is IOT Central IaaS
  • True or False Microsoft uses Azure Monitor to inform customers about downtime for maintenance
  • What is Azure Sentinel
  • What does NSG stand for
  • True or False an Azure Hybrid use benefit is the ability to create both Linux and Windows Virtual Machines
  • For DDoS protection which Service tier adds mitigation capabilities tuned to protect Azure Virtual Network resources
  • True or False The name of the SME on the Microsoft Virtual Training day video below is Mike Nestor
Video clip for AZ 900 day 3 boot camp training

Download the text file here for audio accessibility

And again, the link for our Azure Fundamentals Quiz questions:


Here is a link to a Microsoft Virtual Training day video for AZ900. Take note there is a quite a lot of material. Consider previewing 10 minutes and saving the rest it for later.

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