AZ-900 Bootcamp: Day 1 pre-study

Tango Brett - November 19, 2021

Watch the video below to get prepared for day 1 of the WYWM AZ-900 bootcamp

The purpose of the WYWM AZ-900 Bootcamp is to teach the fundamentals of Cloud computing, with a focus on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform

This video will prepare you for day 1 of the Bootcamp by familiarizing you with basic cloud vocabulary and Azure services. By seeing the material twice, once here in the pre-study and once on day 1 of the AZ-900 Bootcamp we will be following the learning technique of spaced repetition. This will enable you to remember, understand and eventually, actively apply the material covered.

Take brief notes on the following learning points, and verbally explain them to a family member or pet

  • Use cases for Public, Private, and Hybrid cloud
  • The difference between Scalability, Elasticity, and Agility
  • CapEx vs OpEx
  • What is a Region vs an Availability Zone
  • Name the 4 main types of Azure Resources (Compute, Storage, Networking and Databases)
  • What is Azure Express Route
  • Which would you pick for a storage access Tier. Hot, Cool or Archive.
  • Note: we will also take a quick look at the "Azure Portal" where we can do actual cloud work
Video clip for AZ 900 day 1 boot camp training

Download the text file here for audio accessibility:

Have a go at the 25 question Azure Fundamentals Quiz:

Access the WYWM 25 question quiz here

And a few vocabulary words to study will go a long way!

Try this short quizlet card set here

Please post a photo on our discord cloud study channel of you explaining things to your (dog), with the caption "Reviewing cloud concepts with my (dog, cat, or bird)"

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