Azure Lab 1: Create a Virtual Machine

Tango Brett - February 8, 2022

Follow this simple lab exercise to create your own Virtual Machine (VM)!

Note you'll need a Microsoft subscription and/or email address.

This exercise is demonstrated twice, once with a "regular" Azure account and once using a free Microsoft sandbox account.

One of the primary tasks in cloud computing is to install a “Virtual Machine”...

This is essentially a simulated “Desktop computer” in “the Cloud”. Because this virtual machine (computer) can be set up instantly using a cloud account and credit card, it provides speed and flexibility vs using an “on-premises” (local) computer.

The benefit multiplies exponentially when setting up and using hundreds of “Virtual Machines” in the cloud. But that is for another time. For now, try the lab, and contact your instructor or fellow students if you have any issues. 


Create your first Virtual Machine using the Azure portal.

Our example video uses Server 2019 Datacenter. For extra credit, log into the server remotely with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

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