DP-900 bootcamp: day 1 pre-study

Tango Brett - November 28, 2021

Watch the video below to get prepared for day 1 of the WYWM DP-900 bootcamp

This article will help you learn a few terms and concepts so day one isn't completely new to you.

The aim of the WYWM DP-900 bootcamp is to learn the fundamentals of Data Analytics in the Cloud, with a focus on Microsoft's Azure offering.

This video will prepare you for day one of the bootcamp by familiarizing you with some of the more common terms and services you'll be encountering on your Cloud learning journey.

Here's the link to the Microsoft Learn for DP900.

Print the 4 domains and start the exercises. Good luck!

If you have any questions about the Bootcamp, or the Azure course more broadly, don’t hesitate to contact our instructor Brett Long. 

Email: Brett.Long@withyouwithme.com

In the meantime, join your peers and instructors on the Cyber Discord community!

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