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Blake Smedley - July 9, 2021

1 hour. 1 topic. Powerful insights

WYWM Power Hours are designed to share powerful industry-insights and knowledge relevant for performing in today's technology industry.

Covering topics from Data analytics, to RPA and Project management; these WYWM's Power Hour's are hosted by our industry-experienced instructors, each an expert in their field.

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What are WYWM Power Hours?

These action packed hours coverer any and all questions you have in your field or topic of learning.

You are welcome to jump in any power hour event you believe sounds interesting.

Each session is led by a member of our instructors, each an expert in their field.

All Power Hour sessions are held on the same Zoom link, just click here, or on one of the join pictures at the top or bottom of this page to get straight in!


These sessions are hop in/hop out, so no worries if you've missed the beginning, or have to rush off before the end!

RPARPA Interviews Experience
Zoom in for a live podcast of our industry expert, Dan Farrugia, interviewing a recent graduate and now instructor, Avery Upchurch, on their experience hunting, interviewing and working in the RPA industry.
20 Jul 0800 AEST
DataCurly Hair, Statistics and Rules of the Universe; How could you not want more?
“Turns out you see the same statistical effect in high energy subatomic particle interactions and daily shopping mall sales figures. If you want to understand either, first you need to think about the number of men in the Prussian army killed by getting kicked in the head by their horse.” Tune in to hear about the weirder side of statistics and learn how to extract insights from noisy data.
20 July 1200/AEST
Project ManagementIntroduction to Digital Project Management
1. Overview
2. The Differences between traditional PM and digital PM
3. Explain the software development lifecycle
4. Digital PM frameworks and the difference between Agile and Waterfall methodologies
5. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Agile and Waterfall
6. Using a Hybrid Approach.
21 July 0800 AEST
RPACase Study - UiPath in Government
An overview and case study of one of our RPA projects, including the bots being built, roles in the team and some QnA with some WYWM RPA program graduates who are working on the job.
23 July 0800 AEST
Project ManagementStakeholder Engagement
Learn about Stakeholder analysis, engagement and communications. Topics covered:
1. What a Stakeholder is and the five major steps in stakeholder engagement.
2. Learn how to identify stakeholders and how to understand stakeholder influence.
3. How to do Stakeholder analysis and setting up a stakeholder register.
4. Effectively manage stakeholder communications.
5. Tips for better stakeholder engagement.
23 July 1200 AEST
DataStandard Deviation and Pivot Tables
One of the most difficult concepts we find in the data analytics course is standard deviation, but add it to the utility of pivot tables and oh man, you're in for a headache.  Come to this class to master the use of standard deviation in pivot tables and blow your classmates away! 
26 July 0800 AEST
Project ManagementProject Schedule Diagram: Find your projects critical path and more!
Learn how to create a Schedule Network Diagram in Microsoft Excel
1. Common terminology in project scheduling. Early Start, Early Finish, Late Start, Late Finish, Duration, Forward and Backward Pass, Critical Path, Slack/Float
2. Do a forward pass to work out project duration
3. Do a backward pass to work out a project's critical path
4. Calculate slack or float in the project schedule
5. Differences between critical tasks and critical path
27 July 1200 AEST
RPA Challenge Walkthrough
RPA Challenge Walkthrough - (what is fruit?)28 July 1200 AEST

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