Other Games Played: Singapore soldier front, Overwatch , COD MW2, CSGO , BFVN

Birthday: 02 May 1995

Location: Perth, Australia

Occupation (most recent): Electrician apprentice

PC Specs

CPU: i7 8700k


RAM: DDR4 16gb 3600MHz

MoBo: Asus

When did you start playing PRO PUBG? When the game first came out

How did the team form? The team formed recently because myself and asba wanted to put together a team that could compete at the highest level

Why do you play? For the competitive drive and to prove we can be the best

Outside of gaming, what are your passions? My passions are eating healthy working out and spending time with friends and family

WYWM Questions

Archetype: Doer

Learning Style: Hands on

Personality Type: Perceiver