Name: Joshua Woods

Player name: P4 

Game: PUBG

Other Games Played: Rust, WoW, OW, DayZ, Tarkov, Call of Duty Franchise.

Birthday: 15/07/1994

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Occupation (most recent): AV Manager, Harvey Norman

PC Specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

GPU: GeForce 3070

RAM: 32GB 3600MHz CL16

MoBo: ASUS B350M

When did you start playing PRO PUBG?

Early 2019 I joined Vizard which was a top 4 team. Played with them for roughly 6 months. I then joined a team named VIP which turned into Justice esports which I played in for almost 2 years before they closed doors. Next was TNG which is where I met Cherry.

How did the team form? 

sSuspekt and Asba decided they wanted to put together a team that would take OCE PUBG up a step and compete for the APAC slots and other international tournament positions.

Why do you play?

Because I am a competitive person by nature, I have always loved gaming and PUBG fits my mental and mechanical skill perfectly allowing me to perform higher than your average player. 

Outside of gaming, what are your passions?

I am married, I love my wife and my dogs, outside of gaming and work I spend all of my time having fun with them and just enjoying our time together.

WYWM Questions

Archtype: Doer

Learning Style: SC - Style

Personality Type: Interpersonal