Name: Amel Hurtic


PUBG, CSGO, League of legends, Valorant, Overwatch

Birthday: 24/04/1992

Location: Family run Construction business

PC specs

CPU: i7 9700k Intel

GPU: Nvidia 2070Super OC

RAM: Corsair 3600MHZ 16GB

Mobo: MSi carbon RBG

I started playing PUBG early on when the game was initially released in 2017 on PC casually with my friends, and after a year I dabbled in Competitive play. It took another year from there for me to truely become competitive myself and really put in all my hours trying to improve as much as possible.

The team formed slowly over the years and i met sSuspeckt when i was in the middle of reforming my old team in early 2019 and from there we decided to play together after knowing we could build a strong team and then after another year we reformed again and took on P4 and Suh, after a season Suh quit and we are now what the roster is now with Cherry, P4, Ssuspeckt and myself.

I have played many Competitive games in the past but nothing has done it for me as much as PUBG, due to its extremely different gun mechanics and unique game by game changing circle aspects.

Outside of gaming I enjoy creative things such as anything music related.

Archetype: Creative

Learning style: Hands on

Personality type: Mediator INFP-A


Name: Matthew Leete

Player name: Cherry

Game: Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Other Games Played: League of Legends, CSGO, GTA V, Call of Duty, Valorant

Birthday: 17/11/2002

Location: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Occupation: Full-time student

PC Specs:

CPU: Ryzen 5 2600

GPU: Galax 1060 3gb

Ram: XPG 16gb (2 x 8gb) 3000mhz cl18

MoBo: ASUS TUF B450-M PLUS Gaming

When did I start playing PRO PUBG?

I started playing "professional" PUBG back in October of 2020 and made my debut into tier 1 competitions with a previous iteration of the 36 Cartel roster in LPL Season 2 split 2 2020.

How did the team form?

I am the newest player on the roster and was given an opportunity to trial with the boys and saw an opportunity to step up and take myself to a new level.

Why do you play?

I play PUBG competitively because I love the game in and out. Its complexities surrounding victory make winning unbelievably rewarding and established the roots of my passion to play at my best, and at the highest level. The mates and people you meet you make along the way as well make you feel like you are apart of something way bigger than yourself – a part of a community.

Outside of gaming, what are my passions?

I am passionate about music, I make some EDM genre songs in my spare time, write songs for my guitar as well, but also just playing songs and learning new songs is fun. I enjoy science and am studying biomedicine at university at the moment. I love swimming and football, competing at state levels for both in my younger years but am now more invested in the gym and fitness goals.

WYWM Questions

Archetype: Creator

Learning Style: Auditory

Personality Type: C-Type


Name: Joshua Woods

Player name: P4 

Game: PUBG

Other Games Played: Rust, WoW, OW, DayZ, Tarkov, Call of Duty Franchise.

Birthday: 15/07/1994

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Occupation (most recent): AV Manager, Harvey Norman

PC Specs

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

GPU: GeForce 3070

RAM: 32GB 3600MHz CL16

MoBo: ASUS B350M

When did you start playing PRO PUBG?

Early 2019 I joined Vizard which was a top 4 team. Played with them for roughly 6 months. I then joined a team named VIP which turned into Justice esports which I played in for almost 2 years before they closed doors. Next was TNG which is where I met Cherry.

How did the team form? 

sSuspekt and Asba decided they wanted to put together a team that would take OCE PUBG up a step and compete for the APAC slots and other international tournament positions.

Why do you play?

Because I am a competitive person by nature, I have always loved gaming and PUBG fits my mental and mechanical skill perfectly allowing me to perform higher than your average player. 

Outside of gaming, what are your passions?

I am married, I love my wife and my dogs, outside of gaming and work I spend all of my time having fun with them and just enjoying our time together.

WYWM Questions

Archtype: Doer

Learning Style: SC - Style

Personality Type: Interpersonal


Other Games Played: Singapore soldier front, Overwatch , COD MW2, CSGO , BFVN

Birthday: 02 May 1995

Location: Perth, Australia

Occupation (most recent): Electrician apprentice

PC Specs

CPU: i7 8700k


RAM: DDR4 16gb 3600MHz

MoBo: Asus

When did you start playing PRO PUBG? When the game first came out

How did the team form? The team formed recently because myself and asba wanted to put together a team that could compete at the highest level

Why do you play? For the competitive drive and to prove we can be the best

Outside of gaming, what are your passions? My passions are eating healthy working out and spending time with friends and family

WYWM Questions

Archetype: Doer

Learning Style: Hands on

Personality Type: Perceiver