BeFierce Military Podcast #008 – Michael Hartung – General Manager of Veteran Sport Australia

Meet Michael Hartung, our special guest from Veteran Sport Australia. Michael and Javiera are talking about VSA sport program and how it helps military veterans and military spouses with their career transition journey. You will get to know more about how VSA brings the servicing community together through their program, as well as, the significance of the e-sports to young people.

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03:38 What is Michael Hartung’s background? What is Micheal’s role in Veteran Sport Australia/
07:39 Does the Australian military carry mission that connects from service into sport?
09:12 How does sport as a social connector, deliver value to military veterans?
10:28 What is Veteran Sport Australia (VSA) about? How to reach out to the VSA if you are interested?
12:26 What is the Adaptive Sport Program?
13:57 What are the key parts that Veteran Sport Australia do to connect existing organisations and people?
15:04 How does VSA make a difference to engage people in sport?
15:44 How does VSA scale up their ability to support people?
16:35 How to bring the community in together through sport?
19:37 What are the challenges to bring the community together?
20:00 How can we get in to help bring the community together?
21:47 How does the program bring in a wonderful community sense for the family members and the family units?
23:01 What are the benefits that the program bring to kids and their families?
23:52 How does the program help the serving community transition into a new life?
26:37 Why can the sport program help with the career transition journey?
28:09 Why do we need these programs in place to support Australian veterans and for those who are still serving?
31:55 What is VSA e-sports about?
33:55 Why is VSA e-sports significant to bring the community together?
38:15 Is e-sport a language for kids to learn?
39:23 How does e-sports help military veterans in their transition journey?
40:59 What is Michael’s favourite part about what he does?
42:30 Closing

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