WYWM Military Podcast #003 – Va Hart – Veteran Development Manager

WithYouWithMe’s BeFierce Podcast #003

Va helps ex-military veteran students on their journey within the WithYouWithMe Academy from noobie to a qualified professional. Watch how Va talks about her journey from joining the military to transitioning into civilian life.

WithYouWithMe provides free service for current and ex-serving members of the Australian and the United States military to help their transition into the civilian job market. WYWM aligns skills, experiences and personality to identified career pathways within the industry; ultimately placing veterans into full-time work and solving the veteran unemployment rate in Australia.

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0:20 What is the WYWM Podcast about?
1:00 Career transition journey of our special guest – Va Hart
6:53 Va’s military background
8:24 Why Va put her discharge in 2017?
10:26 What happened after Va got the job?
12:20 What is Va’s role in WYWM?
13:32 How does WYWM help?
14:40 Va talks about how veterans can find their purpose
15:46 Va talks about connecting with your communities for support
15:57 Va shares about WYWM micro-events and how they help with building communities
17:26 Va talks about why making a connection with your communities is important
19:32 How does WYWM help the underutilized community groups to realize their potential?
20:19 Quick recap of Va’s role in WYWM and how she helps the underutilized community groups to realize their potential
21:22 Why is it important to Va and her community group to get support from WYWM?
23:50 What is Va’s drive to be the ambassador of the program?
25:50 What is the best part out of the program for Va?
28:24 What is the ambassador program about?
30:48 How does the ambassador program help veterans to get prepared for the transition?
32:13 What is Va’s role in the ambassador program and what does she do to make people get involved?
33:12 What should I do to give back to our communities to help them in their transition journey?
33:25 The ambassador program is interesting and exciting and we need your feedback
34:31 Thanks Va for being on our show
35:32 Recap of what this podcast is about

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