WYWM Well-Being Series – Episode 1 – Bernadette Soler (Doll Yoga Wear)

Are you going through a career transitioning journey during this challenging time? Are you looking for good ways to practice self-care?

WithYouWithMe is creating a Well Being series to help our community by providing some tools for you to continue to transition and train into your next journey!

Our first video showcases some physical wellness especially designed for our community to help relieve stress! We reached into the military community and Bernadette Soler, Owner of Doll Yoga Wear has decided to share her expertise with you!

Bernadette is a proud military spouse, 500-hr. yoga teacher, soon-to-be yoga therapist, and owner of wellness lifestyle company, Doll Yoga Wear. Having found unparalleled support through her own yoga practice in facing the unique challenges that come with military family lifestyle, she’s on a mission to share these powerful teachings with the military community. Bernadette’s Yoga e-book for military spouses can be found at www.ateasebook.com, and you can find information on how to practice yoga with her online at bernadettesoler.com/yoga

We hope that you will get great value out of this video, help you relieve your stress and add to your new virtual workplace routine! #BeFierce

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Video Link Here:

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