RPA Virtual Lesson - Work Queues

In this virtual lesson, we discuss everything Work Queues. Ever wanted to know how to create a work queue, how to add data to a work queue or how to manipulate data within a work queue? Well this lesson is for you.

RPA Virtual Lesson - Exceptions

Bad things happen to good people and bad things happen to good automations.... The trick dealing with the bad things properly.

In this Virtual Lesson, we discuss Exceptions, how to label exceptions and how to handle exceptions.

Inputs, Outputs and Layers in Blue Prism

Are you on the final assignment on the Developer course and wondering how you send and receive data from an application? Use this Virtual Lesson as a refresher on how to send data from the Process layer down to the Object and back to give yourself an edge on the assessment!

Building Objects in Blue Prism

Building Objects in Blue Prism is ACTUALLY how you build bots. If you want to learn how to automate simple applications like Microsoft Notepad, watch this Virtual Lesson to get the skills!

Action stages and Business Objects in Blue Prism

Want some prep for the first Blue Prism Developer assignment? This Virtual Lesson takes you through how to use Action stages and connect them to Business Objects. It will be super helpful for the assignment!

Collections and Loops in Blue Prism

Creating Collection stages and extracting data using Calculations and Loops are vital skills in Blue Prism. Watch this Virtual Lesson to learn more about these skills through four walkthroughs!

Building Basic Processes in Blue Prism

Want to build software robots? Start your Automation Developer journey by learning how to use the Blue Prism software to create your first bot!

The Process Definition Document

RPA Project, Delivery and Change Management

Learn to scrape browser data in UiPath

Learn how to scrape browser data and store it on your machine using browser UI activities in UiPath Studio