Visual Studio Code installation with Python

Do you want to get serious about coding and looking for a visual aid? Well, this is the place! Learn more about Visual Studio Code (VSC) and about the extensions that can help you with your coding journey.

Now you will need to know what an interpreter is, an Interpreter changes high-level language or your source code to a low-level language or machine code for you guessed it… for machines to compute the information and perform the necessary actions. An interpreter for ease of understanding allows translation and execution of source code (the program) to happen simultaneously for the machine.

You will see that some programs like C and C++ needing a compiler. While the end goal of the compiler is the same as an interpreter, they do act slightly differently by translating the code one line at a time. There are some more differences, but we will leave it at this for now.

VSC does come with a limited language support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This means if you plan to use these languages, you will not be required to download any interpreter/ compiler, just add VSC extensions to start your coding experience.

Some Extensions you might like:

ESLint: highlights syntactical and stylistic problems in your source code

Bracket Pair Colorizer 2: Visually identify your bracket pairings

Trailing Spaces: Highlights trailing spaces to help with having neat coding practice

If you have questions don’t be afraid to book a call with me!

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