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Data Analytics

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Mel O'Sullivan

Basic Maths Logic in Excel

This is a very quick (but very useful) acronym to help basic Excel Users remember how Excel deals with complex mathematical calculations. It’s probably the

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Cyber Security

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Tango Brett

Security+ Domain 2

Prepare to take your CompTIA SYO-501 Security+ Certification exam. We will provide guided interactive assistance both in a weekly meeting format and one on one,

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Career & hr

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Rebekah Nugent

Average Cyber Security Salary

Cybersecurity professionals are one of the most sought-after individuals in the tech sector. The demand for these experts is extremely high, there just aren’t enough

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Requesting Tech Support

Hey everyone, Just wanted to take a minute to run everyone through the tech support assistance process in the event you encounter any errors on…

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Help a friend kickstart their career through thought leading digital career content. Everything from Data Analytics through to Cyber Security. 

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  • RPA ·

The Process Definition Document

In this lesson we discuss the Process Definition Document (PDD) and its importance in the RPA Delivery Methodology. Anindo also drops in to discuss where RPA can take as as well as Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • RPA ·

RPA Project, Delivery and Change Management

In this lesson we zoom out a bit and look at how to manage an RPA project using the Delivery Methodology. We also deep dive into the Change Management and it's significance when implementing an RPA capability.

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