Stories of WYWM - Curiosity and Bananas by David Richardson

Mel O'Sullivan - January 12, 2022

While it may have killed the cat, with risk comes reward. 

There was an experiment called the “Five Monkeys Experiment”, it was said that five monkeys shared an environment where a ladder to a bunch of bananas existed. When any of the monkeys ascended the ladder chasing rewards of golden deliciousness, they were sprayed for five minutes with ice cold water. A couple of attempts in and they learnt to associate the consequence of using the ladder. It was at this point a monkey was swapped out with a new, fresh and curious monkey, by this point though there was no need for an ice-cold spray bottle, the original four monkeys that were left stopped the new monkey from ever getting up the ladder. When a second monkey was introduced, it too was stopped, even by the first new monkey who had no idea why but just followed the mentally of the group.  

By the end of the experiment five monkeys, none being original co-existed in a world where you could not use the ladder and they had no idea why.  

Sometimes in life especially after maturing into adulthood we stop being so curious about the world around us, we don’t seem to ask the questions “there is a banana up there, so why not eat it”. In the search for truth regarding chasing a metaphorical banana we may learn why it should not be pursued, but other times we realise that just because it didn’t work one way in the past doesn’t mean we can’t make it work now.  

Curiosity in the early days of mankind was responsible for starting fire with flint, skip to today and its still playing a pivotal role in progressing our species, those who embrace it set their self-up for a fulfilling existence.  

Many companies will dismiss certain levels of curiosity, playing it safe on a business model that predates even their own birth. Marvel didn’t think making an R rated superhero movie would be a success but after realising support from fans they ended up making the most successful R rated film at the time.  

With You With Me promotes and drives curiosity by flipping the way people are hired. Gone are the days of a resume, a design older than sheep shears. Now the most logical way to hire people is based on their potential and ability to enhance a workplace and other members of a team. People are intricate beings and at some point, a piece of paper isn’t an effective tool for building the success of a business  

Never accept that a ladder can’t be climbed, always aim for a banana or two. 

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