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Mel O'Sullivan - December 3, 2021

Lots of people doubted me throughout my life because I am Autistic, I would be “unable” to get a skilled job and would spend my whole life not achieving anything. After being rejected by employers from thousands of interviews, who said because I didn’t have ALL the skills they wanted or experience, I was unsuitable to the position and even the jobs that I had all the skills for, the employers refused to employ me due to my Autism because "they saw me as a liability” instead of an ASSET. A few employers outright told me that they couldn’t employ me because I wasn’t normal…

I started to doubt myself after years of searching for a job and thought that what those people said might be true. So I started to spend thousands on Udemy courses trying to improve myself and change the way I was, but depression started to kick in with the constant knock-backs that caused me to have high anxiety, low esteem and lack of confidence in my abilities. I started to become super critical of myself and I kept trying to think what was wrong with me? I was at a point where I was even offering to pay employers for a job to gain experience….

However, after meeting the CEO Tom Moore and the rest of the guys at WYWM I was given an amazing job offer which I accepted! They hired me on my potential NOT skills or experience and fully embraced me for who I am.

Today is my first day at WYWM and I am so grateful for the opportunity, have met lots of great people in the company and am ready to exceed my potential.

When are you going to exceed yours?

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