Stories of WYWM - WYWM Story by Paul Kot

Mel O'Sullivan - March 24, 2022

I don’t think my story is unique, interesting, or captivating. My story is common, in fact, far too common. 

I could talk about my neurodiversity and my experience in the military, but what I want to talk about are entry-level positions and the talent shortage. 

After completing my degree in Physics, I thought getting an entry-level position would be possible. I had eight months of experience doing neuroimaging research, which resulted in a publication. I also had ten months of experience in nuclear and particle physics, where I investigated the reactor antineutrino anomaly. I collaborated with some of the brightest individuals in that field; I even met two Nobel Prize winners.   

I think it is safe to say that the complexity of my experiences towers any “entry-level” position I was applying for. However, since my application did not check all the boxes, I was not considered. This was disheartening because I would keep on hearing about this "talent shortage,” and I was not talented enough for some reason.  

This talent shortage is not due to a talent shortage. As I said, my story is common. This talent shortage is due to companies unwilling to invest in their employees, train them and help them grow.  

WithYouWithMe is solving this talent shortage issue by creating real entry-level positions and hiring individuals based on their potential and not their experience. If more companies had this attitude, my story would not be so common. 

I am proud to say that my story is not finished; it is just getting started. If you’re sceptical of the WithYouWithMe hiring model. I can assure you that WithYouWithMe is filled with some of the brightest individuals I've ever met. The passion and motivation I see at WithYouWithMe is the same passion and motivation I saw with the scientists I interacted with during my research experience. So yes, these people are very bright.   

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