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Are you a current or ex-serving military veteran?

Are you looking for a ways to recreate the mateship you experienced during service? 

Then this community is for you!  No matter which side of the globe you served on, no one is left behind!

Current Serving

Join us today and be part of the team. All members wanted!


No matter how long it's been, join us and reconnect!


Join and be connected with others today!

many ways to Connect with Your Brothers & Sisters

This is completely free for military veterans!

Are you a veteran that likes veteran gaming?

Then join the WYWM Veteran Gaming Community Discord Server!

Aug 22, 2020

WYWM Gaming Community Day

Join us in the online battle!
In war there is no prize for the runner-up.

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Aug 22, 2020

Aug, 2020

Veteran Chapter Leads – Meet Ups

Our Veteran Chapter Leads have a host of online events coming up!

Be sure to join your local chapter to connect with other veterans!    

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Aug, 2020

Coming Soon

WYWM Veteran Alumni

We are launching new ways for you to help us build our community!

Alumni lead Digital Skills Bootcamps with global tech vendors!


Coming Soon

Not a gamer? Here are our other opportunities to connect in a community

The Veteran Chapter Lead Program has been set up by local veterans to help other military veterans in their community. 

Come check out what areas have support and connect with others, share stories and help a mate!


Check out the established Chapter locations!

Veteran Alumni
Launching Soon

Were you there in the beginning? Did WYWM help you you reach your potential in our portal days?     

We are establishing a way for our originals “OG’s” to help us start an alumni and keep this growing!

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