Data PowerHours

Blake Smedley - August 6, 2021

1 hour. 1 topic. Powerful insights

These action packed hours are designed to show you how to overcome real-world challenges you might face in the workplace alongside the guidance and support of an industry-experienced instructor.

Jump in, have some fun, and connect with mates in these inventive and interesting challenges!

Data PowerHour Schedule:

These sessions are hop in/hop out, so no worries if you miss the beginning or have to rush off before the end!

DateTime (AEST)Instructor
13 Sep0800Lachlan
22 Sep1800.Julian
2 Oct1000Jimmy.
4 Oct 0800Lachlan
13 Oct1800Julian
30 Oct1000Jimmy

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Contact Information

For any further enquiries please contact how Associate Instructor Leader Coopper Kingsley

Email: coopper.kingsley@withyouwithme.com

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